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  • Phliadelphia Eagles Paracord Bracelets & NecklacesIntroducing The Philadelphia Eagles Collection, Eagles Dog Tag Bracelets and Necklaces.

  • 40 Caliber Bullet Casing Paracord Bracelet40 Caliber Bracelets Now Available!

  • Paracord LanyardParacord Neck Lanyards 

  • American Flag BraceletPatriotic American Flag Bracelets

  • Molon Labe (come and take them) BraceletMolon Labe "Come and Take Them" 2nd Amendment Bracelets

  • Shall Not Be Infringed Bracelet"Shall Not Be Infringed" 2nd Amendment Bracelets

  • Custom Photo Dog Tag Single Cobra BraceletCustom Photo Dog Tag Bracelets

  • Custom Photo Dog Tag NecklaceCustom Photo Dog Tag Necklaces

  • American Flag NecklacePatriotic American Flag Dog Tag Necklaces

  • Custom Photo Dogtag Key FobCustom Photo Dog Tag Key Fobs

Welcome to Eagle Cre8ions. Please browse our selection of Paracord, Bullet Casing and other products. Our paracord products are made by American Citizens using 100% American made 550 type III commercial grade nylon paracord.

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